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Datasheet: Tracemark™ Forensic Watermarking - Distributor Watermarking for Content Owners & Sports Rights Holders

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Datasheet Last modification: 30-08-2017 / 08:45 AM GMT+01:00 1 © 2017 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. IRDETO TRACEMARK™ FORENSIC WATERMARKING Distributor watermarking for content owners & sports rights holders With the increasing availability of premium UHD and HDR content, there's a greater need than ever before to protect its value. For content owners and sports rights holders, your distribution network plays a critical role in delivering your premium content around the globe. Using Irdeto's TraceMark to identify if and where there are any content leaks within your distribution network, you can protect the value of your content by working with that party to see how their anti-piracy measures can be improved. Your content is your investment and lifeblood. Protecting the revenue, it generates, when distributed directly or indirectly, is as important as negotiating the deal in the first place. With advancements in technology and increasing broadband access it easier than ever for pirates to steal and share high quality content. Pirate content being readily accessible for everyone puts even greater pressure on your bottom line. Ensuring that your distribution network is secure, allows you to protect your existing revenue and it gives you the confidence that any new deals are not undermined. Imagine, after all your hard work to secure an exclusive deal, the distributor pulls out just before contracting signing. Pirates are already supplying that 'so called' exclusive content to consumers in that country. Why should they pay the premium rate you're asking? Revenue lost! Unfortunately, piracy is a global problem. Pirates are not limited by geographic barriers and this can negatively impact your regional agreements. But having a watertight distribution network puts you in a stronger negotiation position. The fully automated TraceMark Distributor forensic watermarking solution will embed a unique, persistent and invisible mark for each downloaded asset that identifies the distributor. This replaces embedding visual bugs and manual workflows of the past and enables coverage of an entire catalog, not just a select few titles. Discovering if your watermarked content has been leaked is the other half of the equation. Combining TraceMark with Irdeto's Online Piracy Detection service allows you to quickly detect any content leaks and trace back your watermarked content to the source and implement countermeasures. KEY BENEFITS Single solution to fight against content redistribution across the value chain With Irdeto TraceMark forensic watermarking, there are two levels of watermarking: Distributor and Session- based. Distributor watermarking helps content owners or rights holders identify which distributor the leak is coming from. This helps content owners optimize your distribution network and ensure your content is protected. As more content owners are encouraging their distributors (operators & broadcasters) to adopt watermarking to protect the premium content, Irdeto TraceMark enables session-based watermarking. Session-based watermarking enables you to identify which OTT account or smart card the pirate stream is originating from. Session-based watermarking is also beneficial for content owners or rights holders that go direct to consumers. With Irdeto's TraceMark, the two different watermarks can work together; helping both parties. Ease of integration reduces cost and time for deployment The use of simple RESTful control APIs means Irdeto TraceMark integrates easily into existing workflows making it cost-effective and quick to deploy. Cost is also saved with our solution as there's no need to store full copies of the original content. Just an additional 3% of storage is needed on average.

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