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Datasheet: Tracemark™ Forensic Watermarking - Distributor Watermarking for Content Owners & Sports Rights Holders

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Page 1 of 1 2 © 2017 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. The integration with fast file download systems, such as Aspera, ensures that watermarking is automatically embedded in of all your premium content. There is no need for client side software changes, and the watermark is individualized without affecting download speeds, which makes it a seamless deployment experience for your distributors. State of the art technology and responsive services Having state of the art watermarking technology on its own provides minimal benefit. The winning formula requires a combination of robust and scalable forensic marking technologies. These should identify the source of pirated content and allow for its immediate shutdown with proactive enforcement and investigative services aimed at identifying and prosecuting the parties involved in large commercial streaming piracy networks. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION By using Irdeto's Piracy Control suite of solutions and services, which includes forensic watermarking, means that content owners and sports rights holders have the confidence that they can protect their premium content across their distribution network. Distributor Watermarking This high availability solution provides watermarking for content owners and creators for various mezzanine and broadcast quality distribution formats. Supported formats include: • J2K/IMF • ProRes • H.264 • HEVC • HD50 • XDCAM Watermark switching happens on-the-fly when content is being downloaded, so there is no impact to the receiver/distributor. The solution easily integrates with various high-speed download services and it is already integrated with Aspera FASP®. The solution allows studios and content owners to seamlessly integrate TraceMark into their current workflow. The automated 'fallback' to the original content ensures extra peace of mind in case of catastrophic failure. In combination with Irdeto Piracy Control Services, the solution provides detailed reporting and insight on illegally redistributed content and where it originates from. Distributor watermarking consists of the following software components: • Irdeto Watermark Embedder: For inserting watermarks into multiGB sized high-quality content files while respecting storage limitations and storage I/O. • Irdeto Watermark Switcher: Integrated into high-speed file transfer software that provides individualized watermarked copies on-the-fly during massive parallel downloads. This comes pre- integrated with Aspera. Figure 1: Forensic watermarking for Distributors Distributors Video watermarking software Watermark individualization plugin On-the-fly watermark insertion for each distributor Legal customers Pirated content Mastering facility Content Management System PRE-PROCESSING POST-PROCESSING Mezzanine distribution Online Piracy Detection & Enforcement

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