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Datasheet Last modification: 30-10-2019 / 04:21 pm GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. IRDETO TRACEMARK™ FOR DISTRIBUTION Cloud-based forensic watermarking service for content owners and aggregators With the increasing availability of premium Ultra HD and HDR content, there's a greater than ever need to protect content value. As a content owner or aggregator, your distribution network plays a critical role in delivering your premium content around the globe. If there are any content leaks within your distribution network, the damage to your content investment and potential revenue is immediate and massive. As broadband access becomes prevalent in more markets, pirates can steal and share high quality content to viewers. Having a watertight distribution network is thus critical in combating the global piracy problem. If pirates are already supplying your content to consumers in a new market due to content leaks in your distribution network, your ability to negotiate a lucrative distribution agreement in that market will be severely compromised. Irdeto TraceMark for Distribution is a cloud-based managed service that embeds an invisible, unique forensic watermark in each downloaded media asset which identifies the content distribution channel. The solution is a fully automated solution that watermarks a wide range of assets in a centralized and consistent way, replacing disparate visual marking methods and manual workflows of the past. Discovering whether your watermarked content has been leaked is the other half of the equation. Combining TraceMark with Irdeto's Online Piracy Detection service enables immediate detection of any content leaks and tracks back your watermarked content to the source, enabling you to implement countermeasures. KEY BENEFITS Support for all premium content, including HD and Ultra HD This managed service provides watermarking for various mezzanine and broadcast quality distribution formats. The supported resolution ranges from 720x480 to 3840x2160, including HDR and 10-bit color depth. The supported formats include J2K, ProRes, H.264, HD50, XDCAM, MXF and IMX. The solution focuses on maintaining superior visual quality of mezzanine content. No impact to the user experience There is no need for client-side software changes and the watermark is invisible to viewers. TraceMark creates individualized watermarks without affecting download speeds, making it a seamless deployment experience for your distributors. Fast, easy and scalable deployment in the cloud TraceMark does not introduce any bottlenecks in your distribution process. On the contrary, it automatically scales up to handle urgent deliveries and peak demands in your distribution network as a cloud-based service. TraceMark for Distribution comes fully integrated with IBM Aspera on Cloud, a hosted service that enables secure and reliable movement of large files and data across on-premise and multi-cloud environments. Via its Fast and Secure Protocol (FASP®), IBM Aspera on Cloud ensures tremendously fast file downloads even under poor network conditions. Files can be watermarked from the IBM Aspera on Cloud management interface by simply selecting 'watermarked delivery' when uploading a package for distribution, or by enforcing watermarking as a business rule on accounts or folders. Content will then be delivered as an individually watermarked asset to any number of recipients, making it simple and quick to deploy. Alternatively, you can use the simple RESTful control APIs to integrate Irdeto TraceMark with your existing content management systems.

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