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Solution Overview Last modification: 1-10-2019 / 11:35 am GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. IRDETO RIGHTS A multi-DRM and policy management solution that simplifies OTT content protection to help you grow OTT has changed the entertainment industry forever. Total global OTT revenues are predicted to top $88B (US) by 2023* as consumers benefit from a rapidly-growing choice of video-capable devices. And that does not even include advertising revenues. Pay TV and pure-OTT operators have responded to this increasing appetite for TV everywhere with new and improved user experiences and an increasing focus on premium content such as HD or 4K UHD movies and live sport. Such developments are essential to combat the threat from new market entrants such as Netflix and Amazon. Existing operators must also compete with content owners such as film studios and major sport leagues who are increasingly going direct to consumers with their own OTT offerings. REACHING MULTIPLE SCREENS DRIVES UP MANAGEMENT COMPLEXITY But focusing on premium content and delivering high quality user experiences across as many devices as possible has created many logistical and security challenges for operators. It's impossible to reach the widest range of devices and browsers with high- value content without supporting multiple DRM types. This adds to the complexity and cost of the content preparation and distribution process: encoding, encryption (packaging) and publishing media files to the CDN(s). Operators must find a way to manage subscribers, business rules and content usage across multiple screens, business models and DRM types in a simple and consistent manner. And if live streams – especially live sports – are involved, there is a further burden in terms of availability and scalability of DRM license servers. KEEP OTT SIMPLE WITH CONSISTENT MANAGEMENT OF SUBSCRIBERS, RULES AND CONTENT USAGE Irdeto Rights, a solution in the Irdeto 360 Security portfolio, is a proven multi-DRM and policy management solution that addresses these challenges at both the headend and client side. It supports all leading commercial DRMs, as well as the common encryption standards of MPEG DASH, and unique security technologies optimized to work at peak levels of demand. *Source - World Television Information Service, Ovum, 2018.

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