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Page 0 of 1 1 © 2017 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. Solution Overview Last modification: 1-05-2017 / 02:51 PM GMT+01:00 for Automotive The increasing adoption of feature-rich, connected software in cars makes large scale theft, fraud and exploitation extremely attractive for professional cybercriminals. And this attractiveness goes beyond the vehicles themselves to the treasure trove of data modern cars contain about their owners. Currently, only the most rudimentary safeguards exist to protect vital hardware from a person that has physical access to the car. However, the software in modern vehicles remains entirely unprotected. And if the software is compromised, an attacker can take control of most of the car's core functions. THREAT ASSESSMENT SERVICES for ECU components and in-car systems The modern automotive environment is a soft target for hackers. The automotive industry has not been exposed to hacking in the same way as other modern industries with regard to anti-hacking protection for its most valuable assets. As a result, critical electronic functions in virtually every car on the road today are wide open to cyberattack. HOW VULNERABLE ARE YOU? Irdeto Threat Assessment is designed to identify and recommend strategies for mitigating vulnerabilities that make cars an easy and attractive target for hackers. Our highly experienced team of engineers and hackers work closely together to create a complete top-down/bottom- up assessment of security gaps in ECUs and connected vehicle components. This collaborative approach requires half the time of penetration testing while delivering far superior results. Irdeto Threat Assessment will find weaknesses that can be missed when systems are analyzed by experts in only one discipline. Instead of trying to find a handful of vulnerabilities over a period of months with pen testing, it takes only a few weeks to identify critical security problems with Irdeto Threat Assessment. HOW IT WORKS Irdeto Threat Assessment focuses on analyzing threats that could arise from instances of deployed software including applications, operating systems and/or firmware (software embedded into hardware components). Our approach consists of identifying the possible attack paths that financially motivated attackers might take to achieve objectives against vehicles, vehicle owners, their manufacturers and partners.

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