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Datasheet Last modification: 3-06-2019 / 01:56 pm GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. In-vehicle network Software and data Connectivity Machine Learning-based Behavioral Detection & Mitigation Rules-based Detection & Mitigation Secure Environment is a software-based automotive cybersecurity solution deployed on the vehicle's connected Electronic Control Units (ECUs). It detects and mitigates threats at multiple layers within the vehicle by protecting software and data, stopping invalid CAN, CAN-FD and automotive ethernet messages, and preventing unwanted external data infiltration / exfiltration. The result: vehicles operate as intended. THE CHALLENGE The number of automotive cyberattacks is growing rapidly, as the number of connected vehicles increases. Perimeter-only protection is a good start but has proven to be inadequate. Industry experts agree that multi- layer protection within the vehicle is the most secure approach. Additionally, most vehicle vulnerabilities are unknown until a behavioral change is detected – due to either incorrect operation or a malicious exploit by a financially-motivated hacker. The implications can include reputation / financial loss due to Intellectual Property theft, excessive warranty claims, recalls, legal action, penalties, and more. WHY SECURE ENVIRONMENT MULTILAYER PROTECTION? • Rules-based protection against known threats AND machine-learning-based protection against zero-day threats. • Protects each layer: vehicle software & data, in- vehicle network, and connectivity. • Policy-based configuration and control managed by OEM Secure Operations Center (SOC). • Secure OTA updates to vehicles in day-to-day operation. • Software-only solution - no additional hardware needed. • Proven security differentiates OEMs in a competitive marketplace. SECURE ENVIRONMENT Connected vehicles operating as intended.

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