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Page 1 of 1 2 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. SECURE ENVIRONMENT Modularity Deploy the complete solution or just what you need Architecture • Secure Environment is modular. • Initial deployment can be a minimal security substrate with a small memory and processing footprint. • Additional security can be added utilizing a secure update mechanism designed to fit into your OTA updating system or ours, making upgrading new components easy. Operating Systems • POSIX OS. • Real Time OS. Components • Tampered Image Recovery. • Hardened OS. • Secured Kernel. • Application Integrity. • Platform Integrity. • Static Analysis Prevention. • Dynamic Analysis Prevention. Rules-Based Protection Software and Data • Protects memory, peripherals and system integrity at load time and run time. • Protects Operating System kernel & applications. • Prevents non-authorized code execution. • Renders reverse engineering unfeasible. • Provides secure initialization from power-on. • Encrypts binaries and files. • Hides cryptographic keys. • Frustrates hacking attempts – self-healing code. In-Vehicle Network • Real-time prevention of ECU-generated outgoing invalid CAN, CAN-FD and automotive ethernet messages. • Real-time filtering of incoming invalid CAN, CAN-FD and automotive ethernet messages. • Monitoring of in-vehicle network data for forensic and behavioral analysis. Connectivity • Segregates vehicle technology from cloud IT layers. • Detects and prevents any infiltration attempts. • Detects and prevents data exfiltration attempts. • Performs port scanning. Vehicle Behavioral Protection Zero-day vulnerabilities • Uncovers and anticipates exploitation of security vulnerabilities before the attack starts. Malfunctions • Identifies malfunctions before they happen. Misuse and Abuse • Detects operation outside the allowed parameters or use of unpaid features. For more information about Connected Transport by Irdeto, please visit:

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