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Infosheet: Pre-emptive Vehicle Protection/Elektrobit EB Solys

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Infosheet Last modification: 5-11-2019 / 03:52 pm GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. As vehicles support an increasing number of connections, more avenues open up to hackers. With the cost of malicious hacks ranging from vehicle-line recalls to consumer injuries, the end result can be irreparable brand damage. Most auto cybersecurity companies merely provide perimeter detection, which unfortunately does little to protect vehicles from a dedicated hacker's onslaught. That's why Irdeto has teamed up with the trusted, automotive supplier Elektrobit to create a new cybersecurity solution specifically designed to address automotive's unique challenges. This product secures the cybersecurity health of vehicles, before hackers learn about its systems. It limits any damage caused by hackers that break past a vehicle's defenses. And it lets OEMs fight back. • Detects hackers "sniffing" at modules, probing for possible entry points. • Finds illegal and unanticipated D-Bus calls as well as fuzzing attempts. • Hardens modules to prevent reverse-engineering. • Prevents execution of unauthorized software and scripts. • Secures module software from modification, even when hackers have gained root access. • Frustrates hacker attempts to understand systems with renewable security. • Collects post-mortem data on hacker activity. • Shuts down hacker progress (on OEM authority) and logs activity for legal action. This new cybersecurity solution combines the unparalleled security of Irdeto's Secure Environment with the deep inspection capabilities of Elektrobit's EB solys to fully lock down automotive systems. It helps automakers avoid bad publicity, recalls and lawsuits. PRE-EMPTIVE VEHICLE PROTECTION/ ELEKTROBIT EB SOLYS Securing the cybersecurity health of production vehicles

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