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Infosheet: Cloakware for Automotive - Pre-emptive Vehicle Protection

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Page 1 of 1 2 © 2016 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. VEHICLE STATE MONITORING The Irdeto-Elektrobit solution monitors several systems to detect when hackers are "sniffing" around or checking systems for vulnerabilities. It examines D-Bus messages, memory usage, CPU load, IPC traffic, and other system metrics to detect illegal calls, erroneous data and fuzzing attempts. It supports a range of responses from activating honeypot features to system lockdown. Better still, it keeps system load to a minimum, until an intrusion attempt is detected. At this point monitoring increases to capture detailed cyber forensics. SECURE ENVIRONMENT Irdeto Secure Environment prevents hackers who have cracked perimeter security from causing damage – stealing user data, overriding engine parameters, installing malicious software, etc. – in a number of ways. It safeguards critical files, protects application data, and prevents hackers from adding malicious code, modifying executables and scripts, and reverse engineering. It also boasts renewable security, which continually starts hackers back at ground zero. AUTOMOTIVE FOCUSED The Irdeto-Elektrobit solution is designed specifically for the security challenges found in the automotive industry. By actively shutting down hackers before they learn too much and mitigating damage once they do, it prevents hacks from moving beyond a single vehicle. It also supports security policies on a per-vehicle basis as well as OEM-specific responses. With the Irdeto-Elektrobit solution, all of the automotive hacks published to date would have been stopped dead in their tracks. Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive is a comprehensive solution that combines innovative, patented technologies and cybercrime services to address a variety of security challenges in a car. It provides automakers and tier-one suppliers with a secure, tamper-proof environment for vehicle software that is virtually impossible to reverse engineer. For more information, please refer to the datasheets for the solution components at Software architecture without protection HMI App framework OS Nav Media Phone Software architecture with Irdeto-Elektrobit protection HMI Integrity validation File encryption Executable obfuscation Debugger disarming Communication monitoring Resource monitoring Timing monitoring App framework OS Nav Media Phone Figure 1. The Irdeto-Elektrobit security solution completely protects all components in the software architecture.

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