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Software Protection Service Smart code analysis Automated protections Multiple language support Automated assembly Keys & Credentials V2V V2I Root of Trust Communications Security Services Telemetry Security analysis Monitoring Investigations Secure Environment Infotainment systems Telematics systems OTA platforms V2X Driver health and wellness Parental alert Usage based insurance Payment solutions Car diagnostics Vehicle-to- vehicle Malware prevention Cloakware for Connected Transport Who What Why OEM Security Operations Center Telemetry based monitoring • Professional security assessments • Cyber incident planning and response • Cyber forensics and law enforcement support Keys & Credentials Manufacturing provisioning service • Customization of key packages tailored to HW models • Established relationships with suppliers (System on a Chip (SOC) vendors) • Industry best practices for key management • Factory and in-field key provisioning of ECUs Tier 1 Secure Environment Complete module protection • Protects against reverse engineering of binaries on the module • Protects against the execution of modified or malicious code on a protected module • Protects the application data on the system, both during storage and in use • Telemetry of security events to Security Operations Center (SOC) Application Developer Software Protection Application "anti-hacking" protection • Code obfuscation mitigates against reverse engineering of binaries • White-box cryptography protects keys from being lifted, even while being used • Security tools provide security features and flexibility for software development • Binary protections provide code signing and anti-debug protected for applications

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