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Solution Overview Last modification: 20-12-2018 / 10:23 am GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 rdeto. All Rights Reserved. Online piracy is big business. This global threat does not discriminate: affecting operators, studios or sports rights owners. The proliferation of broadband access and the ever increasing sophistication of pirates mean you need proactive, flexible and responsive services to protect your brand and revenue from the evolving business threats. THE CHALLENGE Pirated content is more prolific and appears online faster than ever before. And piracy is evolving. With broadband access becoming more readily available and the rapid global expansion of new devices as well as plug-ins, it is easier than ever for your content to be pirated. As a result, online piracy is moving away from control word sharing to today's biggest threat: content redistribution over the internet. What's more, many pirate services have professional looking websites. They offer a 'plug & play' philosophy with support and money back guarantees. Pirate subscriptions are packaged to appeal to specific markets; e.g., expat or ethnic groups. And as the pirate service amalgamates pay TV channels, movie libraries and sports they often offer far more content, at a cheaper price, than standard legitimate subscriptions. In addition, the pirate business models are becoming more IRDETO PIRACY CONTROL & CYBER SERVICES An end-to-end suite of services for brand and revenue protection sophisticated. Advertising funded stream distribution on the open internet is given way to selling dedicated pirate OTT devices such as STBs, OTT plugins and apps with the subscriptions. This allows the pirates to generate money from the sale of the pirate devices as well as ongoing subscription revenue. The challenge for the operators, studios and sports rights owners (providers) is twofold: to ensure return on investment for their assets and protect their brand reputation. This is particularly the case when it comes to premium content, such as the latest movie releases or live sports, as the cost of procuring rights continues to soar. The added dynamic with live events, especially sports, is that the value of the content is high before and during the event but diminishes once the game is over. For content owners, this is an emerging threat affecting loss of revenue as these alternative sources are diluting the value of the content.

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