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Page 1 of 7 2 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. In safe hands By leveraging the specialists within the global Irdeto team, providers have an efficient and effective way to scale up, to address the source of piracy, not merely the symptoms. The background of the team of experts varies from trained investigators, legal and law enforcement, cryptography and analysts covering technical, network, social media and security processes as well as ISO certified security auditors. They are trained professionals who have a proven track record in successfully identifying, analyzing piracy threats and ensuring rights enforcement. Complementing existing internal activities or provided in its own right, the Irdeto suite of products and services ensures that providers are well equipped to fight the different and emerging piracy threats across all platforms. Protection across the value chain Pirate businesses are highly complex networks, often bringing together people from across the world to commit criminal activities. The extent of the pirate activities stretches across the value chain from production, content theft, distribution and promotion, to consumer and commercial subscriptions. With Irdeto's comprehensive suite of products and services, providers are able to fight piracy from end-to-end with a trusted global partner. Safeguards valuable assets Content redistribution over the internet is seen to be the biggest threat today. The rising cost of securing licensing rights combined with technological advancements that make it easier for consumers to watch pirated services, means it is essential for providers to protect their valuable assets against online piracy. With Irdeto, providers are able to leverage patented, scalable watermarking detection technology as well as benefit from a suite of piracy control services designed to rapidly identify and disrupt all types of piracy. As an active provider of products and services against content redistribution, Irdeto is familiar with the evolving piracy landscape and has a proven track record in helping providers protect their brand and revenue streams against online piracy. Control risks and costs with a tailored service The battle lines against online piracy differ for each provider, for instance, content leakage during production phases, control word sharing on broadcast networks and illegal content redistribution on the internet. As one size does not fit all, Irdeto offers a suite of state-of-the- art technology, best practices and extensive services to address the provider's unique needs. This approach ensures that the provider is able to minimize risks while maintaining cost predictability with a managed service based approach. Detailed reporting increases business responsiveness All the reporting information is easily accessible via the online interactive portal. It provides users with graphical and detailed visibility into and control over their anti-piracy activities. The intuitive portal provides a comprehensive view of their data, allowing users to instantly drill down to see the details such as information about detection rates, enforcement activities and compliance metrics. Being able to analyze, predict and improve end-to-end performance results in an increased time-to-market. KEY BENEFITS From a brand perspective, a compromised platform can cause content owners to lose confidence and revoke content licenses and customers to question why they need to subscribe to a providers' service when it is available by other cheaper means or even for free. To protect future revenues, the providers' approach needs to evolve in line with the changing market dynamics. In today's world, any legitimate insecure device can be abused for piracy, and pirated services can be streamed from anywhere on the internet. Many successful providers have realized that fighting online piracy requires more than just technology alone. Services are essential to combat new and emerging piracy threats. Being able to detect, analyze and counter all types of piracy affecting on-demand and live real-time content is more essential than ever.

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