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Solution Overview Last modification: 24-02-2017 / 02:22 PM GMT+01:00 1 © 2017 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. IRDETO HOME NETWORKING SECURITY Extend your TV services securely and seamlessly across all managed and unmanaged devices in the home In households all over the world, TV viewing on multiple screens is now a reality. Pay TV operators face growing demand to make content from their subscription packages available on a variety of devices around the home. Once, this required the installation of additional, fully-featured STBs connected to secondary TV screens – a "multiroom" deployment. Today, consumers expect even greater flexibility, to access content on their own video-capable devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles and smart TVs. EXPANDING REACH, NOT RISK The challenge for operators is to reach the maximum number of devices with a consistent user experience but without compromising content security. The implementation of Multimedia Home Gateways (MHG) enables this type of whole-home viewing experience without the need for multiple set-top boxes. Content can easily be redistributed by the MHG to both managed and unmanaged devices. However, a new level of protection is necessary, both to acquire the content licenses for networked viewing and to ensure applications are not vulnerable to hacking or piracy that threaten revenues and reputation. Operators must also prevent unauthorized access from beyond the subscriber's property. The scale of this task is intensified by the constant shifts and developments within the consumer device and browser market. Operators are dealing with a rapidly moving and expanding target in terms of both security requirements and operational complexity. At the same time, consumer expectations are also growing. The rise of OTT has given viewers a taste for advanced features such as offline viewing of downloaded content ("Download & Go") and the ability to pause their viewing on one device and pick up from the same point on another. All this creates new security and operational challenges such as triggering auto-expiration for downloaded content or enforcing studio-mandated limits on the maximum number of devices and concurrent streams per user.

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