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Solution Overview Last modification: 23-07-2018 / 01:48 PM GMT+01:00 1 © 2018 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. IRDETO CONDITIONAL ACCESS A fully renewable and scalable solution for protecting content and business models on broadcast and IPTV networks SECURITY FIRST Digital content piracy is a worldwide issue. Well-funded criminal organizations are constantly looking to exploit security systems and the explosion of illegal content streaming websites in recent years means this threat is now stronger than ever. Once the danger was limited to control word sharing and smart card tampering on managed STBs, but today's consumers view digital video on a wide variety of unmanaged devices. This leaves content vulnerable to advanced hacking attacks at all points along the media pipeline. To protect their revenue and reputation, operators need uncompromising and sophisticated conditional access solutions that are constantly evolving to address the latest threats. Preventing piracy is essential, but so is the ability to recover swiftly if a breach does occur, and to track down and shut off the source of any content leaks. Such renewable, traceable security is increasingly central to operator growth strategies because it is a key condition of agreements with licensing authorities such as sports rights holders and Hollywood studios. To win the desirable, high-quality content that differentiates them from competitors, attracts subscribers and builds brand loyalty, operators must demonstrate continuing commitment to combating piracy. FOCUS ON COST-EFFICIENCY In addition to the threat from pirates and pay TV rivals, operators also face a battle for subscribers with over- the-top (OTT) players and direct-to-consumer offerings from content owners. To counter the effects of so- called "cord cutting", operators must keep prices low at the same time as adding value. Typically, this means investing in their own multiscreen services. For many operators, the adoption of software-based (cardless) conditional access in place of smart cards is an obvious choice as it reduces procurement, distribution and management expenses as well as STB hardware costs, without impacting security. A sharp focus on operational efficiency is also necessary as the number of screens grows, to eliminate duplication of effort and technology across broadcast and OTT. Many pay TV companies are looking for ways to simplify security management in a multiscreen world, adopting unified processes for all content, whether the protection mechanism is CA or Digital Rights Management (DRM).

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