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Page 1 of 6 2 © 2018 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. Stay ahead of evolving security threats with renewable, uncompromising security To protect your investments, Irdeto Conditional Access offers renewable security technology. This enables operators to remotely update both software-based and smart card security clients quickly and easily in the event of a piracy incident, without costly card swaps. An on-going roadmap of security enhancements ensures Irdeto CAS protects against the latest threat trends and is compliant with the changing requirements of all major content licensing authorities. Drive ARPU with attractive new features that can be added over the air Irdeto CAS is a fully-featured solution that includes a large number of modules and client options to support advanced functionalities such as VOD, home- networking and PVR. Over-the-Air updates give operators the flexibility to test and rapidly deploy new services to existing STBs in the field, improving the offering to their subscribers and creating an opportunity for the operator to raise ARPU. Minimize costs with flexible deployment options Available as either a smart card or software-based security client to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), Irdeto CAS can be configured to meet the needs of each specific market. Suitable for protecting content for broadcast or IPTV delivery to managed devices such as STBs, it can be tailored from small or medium-sized networks, to large-scale networks with millions of subscribers in a fully redundant setup. Also available as a managed service, Irdeto CAS is compatible with a wide range of set-top boxes, client devices, compression equipment and subscriber management systems. This open approach allows operators to select the components of their choice or rely on Irdeto for a pre-integrated, end-to-end solution. Introduce 4K Ultra HD (UHD) services with more control To obtain rights to early release movies or other premium content, operators must comply with MovieLabs' Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) requirements for Secure Media Pipeline (SMP) to enforce output control. However, SMP must not be implemented simply as an on/off switch to allow 4K UHD content only on 4K TVs with HDCP 2.2 or above. Such an approach would severely limit operators' support for subscribers since most devices in the home today do not support HDCP 2.2. To give operators more control, Irdeto CAS allows operators to define granular enforcement profiles to maximize their business models. For example, 4K UHD content not subject to MovieLabs ECP, such as sports or TV programs can be viewed on 4K TVs with HDCP 1.4. Operators can also maximize their 4K content investment by providing a lower resolution version of the content to HD, SD and analog TVs, enabled by the SMP implementation in Irdeto CAS. KEY BENEFITS FLEXIBILITY FOR THE FUTURE While piracy and cost control are a common concern to all operators, the specifics of the services they run can vary widely from one market to another and over time. To stay ahead of their competition, operators need the flexibility to test and implement new business models and features that may appeal to their unique customer base. This can range from subscription and pay-per-view VOD (whether streamed, downloaded or pushed to the STB) to home networking, PVR functionality, or tie-ins with third parties such as OTT-services. All of these have implications for content security. To offer a truly dynamic, tailored service to their subscribers, operators need a CA system that supports a rich feature set and the ability to add these new capabilities quickly and easily over-the-air. The Irdeto Conditional Access System (CAS), a solution in the Irdeto 360 Security portfolio, provides the most stringent content security for pay TV operations. It also enables pay TV operators and broadcasters to offer more services, payment options and device support. This equates to more choice, flexibility and convenience for their customers. Whether via cable, satellite, terrestrial or IPTV, Irdeto Conditional Access gives broadcasters the flexibility to easily deploy new TV services without interrupting existing subscriber services or compromising their digital assets. SD & HD TV Mobile devices Analog TV 4K TV with HDCP 2.2 4K TV with HDCP 1.4 + Enforcement profiles Business policies 4K UHD ealy release, box office 4K UHD and premium content Down-res Down-res Down-res Catch-up & VOD library Free to air content SMP SMP w/ exceptions SMP w/ exceptions No SMP

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