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Datasheet: Keystone for Electric Vehicles

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Page 0 of 1 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. The Turnkey Digital Access Solution for Electric Vehicles THE CHALLENGE OEMs are eager to provide customers with a personalized driving experience and stay at the forefront of electric mobility. This means being able to control vehicle access and policies securely and safely. However, combining all the right solutions to enable new business models for connected electric vehicles, while ensuring security, is long, expensive and requires to implement. WHY KEYSTONE BY IRDETO? Combining Irdeto's cybersecurity expertise with Idneo's proven hardware platforms, Keystone by Irdeto provides OEMs with a complete offering including built-in security. The solution provides electric vehicle users with hands-free passive entry using either a key fob, NFC card or Bluetooth BLE enabled smartphone. The automotive-grade solution enables remote and proximity vehicle access and remote credentials management; all through a user-friendly and customized app on iOS or Android devices. AN INTEGRATED APPROACH Providing secure, tamper-proof policy management, Keystone is a secure system that allows vehicle owners to create and control policies around multi-user vehicle access, settings, and usage. Irdeto utilizes its proprietary 'security in- depth' approach, best practices and technologies to ensure that Keystone cannot be compromised. Idneo focuses on developing solutions for efficient mobility and autonomous vehicles to respond to the transformation of the automotive sector, including control units, infotainment, camera applications, and e-Mobility. By leveraging these two state-of-the-art technologies, this integrated joint solution makes mobility safer and more secure. ENABLING NEW MOBILITY PARADIGMS Keystone can help OEMs enhance the vehicle users' experience by allowing granular control over time, feature and geography-based key sharing and revocation, directly from a smartphone or the backend. This opens the possibility to drive new business models, such as in-trunk delivery, subscription-based vehicle ownership or car rental and sharing. Policies can also improve the electric car charging experience by allowing users to charge at specific stations transparently without the burden of carrying multiple charging cards from different providers. product brief Keystone by Irdeto is a secure digital key solution that leverages Bluetooth™ Low Energy to enable proximity-based vehicle access, via a smartphone. Unique to Irdeto, our secure policy-based access and control technologies unlock new mobility paradigms such as car- sharing and Mobility-as-a-Service.

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