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Page 0 of 2 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. 1 Last modification: 20-12-2018 / 03:50 pm GMT+01:00 Datasheet IRDETO MEDIA MANAGER A scalable and extensible orchestration platform that enables pay TV operators to rapidly deliver TV everywhere. Irdeto Media Manager simplifies and automates the process of preparing and managing content for multiscreen services. Media Manager supports multiple video and metadata formats from a variety of input sources. These are transcoded, packaged and protected by means of fully automated workflows, allowing you to rapidly deliver content to your end- user's device of choice, with the content protection that the studios require. The Media Manager Workflow Engine automates all content workflow tasks. This includes metadata and content ingestion, transcoding, segmentation and stitching of video, packaging, DRM encryption, automated QA and distribution. Automation reduces processing time, staffing requirements and the scope for human error introduced by manual processes. The Workflow Engine is pre-integrated with a wide variety of broadcast equipment. It is designed to be extensible for integration with different metadata formats, processing systems and publishing endpoints such as recommendation engines, content delivery networks, billing systems and discovery services. When deploying Media Manager in conjunction with Irdeto Control, pay TV operators can securely protect their content. Media Manager can easily be integrated with third-party billing systems and the metadata can be published to a variety of recommendation engines. KEY BENEFITS Cost reduction with automated workflows Fully automated workflows help reduce operating costs by cutting out manual work. Media Manager workflows deliver content in the format that users want, with the protection that studios require. Flexible workflows are quickly adaptable to support new devices and service demands. Workflows are built up from individual tasks in a graphical drag-and-drop interface. Ease of adding new services Media Manager adapts to any business need. Extendible workflows, flexible metadata schemas and a rich plugin model enable Media Manager to support any content preparation use case, allowing operators to easily introduce new services. Faster and easier integration with other systems Media Manager can ingest content from a wide variety of sources and publish to a wide variety of different end- points such as content delivery networks (CDNs) and discovery and recommendation services. This is made possible by a customizable internal metadata schema, which can adapt to changing input and output requirements. Plug-in based ingest and publish mappers simplify integration with upstream and downstream systems. Ready-to-use reference model Media Manager comes with a complete, out-of-the-box, VOD orchestration model and set of workflows, which process EPG and VOD content from ingest through to publishing. It enables operators to start using Media Manager immediately for pilot projects.

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