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Last modification: 5-11-2019 / 03:42 pm GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. Datasheet TRUSTED TELEMETRY FOR MEDIA Extend device management to untrusted embedded devices and get trusted security events & analytics from CPE As connected IoT devices proliferate throughout homes and offices, operator DevSecOps departments are challenged to manage, monitor and constrain the devices. They need to ensure prescribed operations and provide the necessary consumer protection against malicious devices or hacker exploits. This is especially difficult for IoT devices that are based on embedded processors and operating systems which may not support standard SNMP/TR-069 management agents or logging protocols. Even AI-augmented 'behavioural' enhanced gateways are challenged by the scale of IoT deployment and the number of platforms competing for the consumer's money. The operator's gateways themselves are a popular target for cybercriminals: Their complexity, configurability and position in the network make them vulnerable on many fronts. Manage the proliferation of connected devices in consumer homes and small businesses Irdeto's Trusted Telemetry features a small, portable agent well suited to extend security coverage even to tiny microprocessor and RTOS-based systems. Critical security events are passed by default in the protected telemetry packets and agent APIs make it easy to add additional system or application level data as required. Having robust, reliable security telemetry data can help operators scale to accommodate the massive increase in connected devices that we are experiencing today. Qualified, integrity-verified telemetry data can also unburden cognitive/ AI-based systems since no deductions or complicated forensics are required. Trusted Telemetry provides near real- time detection of device exploits for timely containment. Better Gateway Management Trusted Telemetry provides independent indications of gateway integrity, revision level, suspicious libraries & activities, as well as other cybersecurity events of interest, like device attachments and output devices available. The agent can even easily be deployed into outsourced gateways, requiring only user-space privileges. It can leverage existing protocols like TR-069 for communications. KEY BENEFITS Near real-time detection of exploits • Extends trust to untrusted devices (devices deployed in a hostile environment, like consumer gateways, IoT devices, and portable/mobile devices) • Produces trusted logs for critical security events • Near real-time detection of exploits • Supports a broad range of robust, integrity verified telemetry • Supports a defence in depth philosophy which reduces dependence on fallible perimeter security or compromised management interfaces • Leverages the proven Irdeto anti-hacking technologies in a simple, easy-to-deploy fashion Trusted / robust security telemetry • Provides both system and application level telemetry data • Produces reliable critical security events, like: • Integrity Verification (detect tampering) • Hooking detection • Jailbreak / rooting detection • Privilege escalation • Easy API to extend protections to device apps and for apps to produce proprietary telemetry Server plays well with others • Telemetry server provided to process messages, store and forward events • Containerized server for easy deployment • Available as part of Irdeto Security Services or separately • Seamless integration with popular SIEM systems like IBM's QRadar Agent provides broad device coverage • Portable C code for broadest possible device coverage • Small size (footprint) • Simplified OS abstraction layer for easy porting • Requires user-space only, no kernel modifications/ extensions needed • Pre-integrations for several popular embedded OS (Inquire about rollout) • iOS, Android, Linux, and several RTOS

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