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Datasheet: Software Protection for IoMT-Enabled Medical Systems

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Page 1 of 1 2 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. ensure a tampered program will no longer execute correctly. Integrity Verification also validates the authenticity of externally-signed modules that interact with the application, including components of the operating system, ensuring that compromises of the system do not impact the protected software. Irdeto Security Services Augmenting the Cloakware ® Software Protection, the new Irdeto Security Services were created to enable quick and effective security, particularly on edge devices where the risk of compromise is greatest. Starting with the world's best code protection technology, the Irdeto Security Services flexibly work with the business model of our customers to maintain safety and security at the edge. Software Protection at the Edge Edge devices, software and data must be self-secure. Irdeto's CSP is a core part of your security strategy, protecting critical software and data from reverse- engineering attacks that threaten your IP or the device's functionality and utility. Even if an attacker gains privileged access, CSP remains embedded in the software, dynamically detecting and preventing hacker activities like rooting, hooking, debugger analysis and memory scraping. CONTACT US For more information on Cloakware ® Software Protection visit: or contact us via: Ease of Use • Integrates directly into your product build process; automated protections enable rapid deployment of security capabilities • Enables Easy update of keys, software and security measures in field deployments (renewability) • Maintains original code semantics and is transparent to legitimate users Broad Platform Support • Irdeto protects software and applications on more than five billion devices including PCs, set-top boxes, mobile handsets, portable media players and more • Supported languages & platforms include: • C, C++, Swift, Web Assembly, JavaScript • iOS & Android • Linux, MAC OS X, Windows and others • Custom platform support on request KEY TECHNOLOGIES & FEATURES Irdeto Transcoder The Transcoder transforms source code into mathematically modified source, making it significantly more difficult to reverse engineer and decipher. As a pre-compile technique, the Transcoder maintains semantic correctness, ensuring Transcoded applications are functionally identical to the originals but are highly resistant to attack. The protected application reliably executes on target platforms without special hardware or additional software. The Transcoder also links binary level protections and whitebox cryptography with the code transformations to deliver interdependent protection that is far more secure than individual techniques alone. Irdeto Whitebox Cryptography Whitebox Cryptography is a suite of standard cryptographic algorithms intertwined with data transformations in a way that hides critical keys and data, even when hackers can observe the cryptographic functions in full detail. Common ciphers, such as AES, ECC and RSA, are among the most thoroughly studied algorithms, making them particularly vulnerable targets for attack. Irdeto's Whitebox Cryptography enables the use of standard algorithms in untrusted environments. Irdeto Integrity Verification Detecting code tampering is a pillar of software security. Irdeto's Integrity Verification detects and resists hacker modifications to software by dynamically comparing both the static and runtime image of the code against a signature of original software, which is stored in an encrypted voucher. Integrity Verification itself ties the signature checks with other parts of the software to Anti-Hooking Code & Data Entanglement Fingerprinting Secure Storage Diversity API Protection File Encryption Integrity Verification Whitebox Cryptography Transformation / Obfuscation Security Telemetry Renewability Anti-Debug Figure 1: Like many defense in depth approaches, software protection becomes significantly stronger as protection elements are increasingly intertwined and dependent on each other. This method ensures maximum safety of the medical software without affecting software performance and functioning.

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