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Datasheet: Cloakware® Software Protection for Industrial IoT

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Datasheet Last modification: 5-11-2019 / 11:07 am GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. SOFTWARE PROTECTION FOR INDUSTRIAL IOT Increased connectivity brings new risks, especially to mission critical software and IP The digital transformation of manufacturing is underway. Digital twins, machine learning, portable devices, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. are all advances reshaping the manufacturing world. Increased connectivity and autonomous technologies are improving business agility and enabling more customized production. And it all depends on software. Your software is at risk! Threats to intellectual property or critical software include reverse engineering, software tampering, copying/ cloning, and automated attacks. A successful security strategy requires a multi-dimensional approach, covering all aspects of a Secure Software Development Lifecycle. Highly complementary to secure coding practices and vulnerability scanning, software protection is often the last and most critical line of defense in preventing IP theft or software manipulation. Critical software can be protected using Cloakware® Software Protection to conceal proprietary algorithms and secrets, including cryptographic keys. Once protected, those applications can be safely deployed on untrusted hosts and in hostile environments such as mobile and edge components of an OT ecosystem. Software Protection Cloakware® Software Protection is a suite of advanced technologies, libraries and tools that enable the users to customize the protection of their critical digital assets such as keys, code and data. The product is particularly useful for security savvy organizations that want the very best in renewable software security. Irdeto's security techniques protect intellectual property and critical algorithms through sophisticated data, function and control flow transformations, anti-debug, whitebox cryptography, and active integrity verification. Cloakware® Software Protection integrates these security techniques directly into the customer's own software build process, thereby embedding application protection directly at the source code level without special hardware or external exposure of the code. KEY BENEFITS Effective Software Protection • Defends against reverse engineering and tampering attacks • Automatically creates software diversity to protect against scripted attacks • Enables you to easily tune performance for optimum security within device constraints • Makes security inseparable from the software during development (entanglement) —a more secure approach than merely wrapping the binaries right before shipping Ease of Use • Integrates directly into your product build process; automated protections enable rapid deployment of security capabilities • Easily update keys, software and security measures in field deployments (renewability) • Maintains original code semantics and is transparent to legitimate users Broad Platform Support • Irdeto protects software and applications on more than five billion devices including PCs, set-top boxes, mobile handsets, portable media players and more • Supported languages & platforms include: • C, C++, Swift, Web Assembly, JavaScript • iOS & Android • Linux, MAC OS X, Windows and others • Custom platform support on request

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