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Datasheet: Anti-Tamper and Anti-Cheat Technology for Mobile

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D ATA S H E E T © 2018 Denuvo. All Rights Reserved. 1 Last modification: 15-11-2018 / 01:18 pm GMT+01:00 ANTI-TAMPER AND ANTI-CHEAT TECHNOLOGY FOR MOBILE The next generation of Anti-Tamper and Anti- Cheat for mobile applications. With the astonishing growth rate of the gaming industry over the last few years, it has brought a tremendous variety of ways to cheat in online and mobile games. Reverse engineering, modding and tampering of mobile applications including mobile games and all other mobile applications, is certainly not new. However, the increase in mobile usage over the last few years has introduced a variety of ways to bypass, cheat, modify or pirate mobile applications. Developed by a team of security experts, Denuvo by Irdeto's mobile protection technology solution protects mobile applications from cheating, modding and tampering. Our protection can be applied with zero operational effort by the customer to any app. For increased security and performance we also offer the customer the opportunity to profile the app before the protection is applied to tailor the protection to the individual application. Main security features include: • Configurable security/performance tradeoff: you choose how much of your app is going to be protected • Smart detection of protection points • Protect against static or dynamic manipulation of app codes • Protection against reverse engineering • Root detection • Anti-Debugging • Anti-Hooking • Virtualization • Integrity verification Denuvo offers a best in class integration experience to customers. Unlike others, Denuvo is uniquely able to operate on the final APK, rather than the source code. Our mobile protection solution can be added to the final APK which means less tools for the build engineers to manage and fewer tools for developers to install. Denuvo's technology has minimal impact on user's gameplay experience whilst still guaranteeing no false positives and maximum detection. Denuvo is the global #1 Application Protection and Anti- Piracy Technology Platform with 350+ million software licenses issued and revalidated. Our mobile protection solution adds protection over the whole life cycle of the application far beyond the release window.

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