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Datasheet: Irdeto TraceMark™ for OTT

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Page 2 of 2 3 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. Figure 2. TraceMark for Broadcast embedding watermarks on managed devices HOW IT WORKS TraceMark™ for OTT provides encoder-integrated watermarking for VOD and live content on IP networks using HTTP adaptive bitrate streaming protocols such as HLS and MPEG-DASH. This headend-based approach to session-based watermarking ensures that each device receives a uniquely watermarked version of the content, and consists of two steps: Pre-processing In this stage, two copies of each video segment are encoded and a different watermark is inserted into each copy to form A and B versions of the video segment. The software component that performs this function can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. • Irdeto TraceMark Embedder inserts watermarks into content video streams during the encoding process, minimizing any delay in the content delivery process or disruption to the content preparation and delivery workflow. Post-processing In this stage, the watermarked copies are interleaved into unique sequences of video segments such that each viewer receives a version of the content like no other (for example, AAAAA, BBBBB, ABABA). This uniqueness is what enables Irdeto Piracy Control services to pinpoint the content leak to a specific session or user ID. The software component that performs this function can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. • Watermarking Session Manager dynamically creates individualized sequences of watermarked copies to form millions of unique sessions. This scalability ensures content protection across a massive viewer base for any service provider. TraceMark for OTT is DRM agnostic. And there is no need for client changes or client processing, as the content arrives already watermarked in the regular content format. This means there is minimal impact on the consumer, and both managed and unmanaged devices are covered. PRE-PROCESSING POST-PROCESSING Content ingest Content Management System, such as Irdeto Media Manager Subscription Management System Irdeto Control Encoder/ Transcoder Packager HLS, MSSS MPEG-DASH Watermarking Session Manager Watermark content h.264, h.265 TraceMark™ Embedder

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