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Datasheet: Irdeto TraceMark™ for OTT

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Page 1 of 2 2 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. KEY BENEFITS Renewable, robust security to meet stringent requirements The central architecture is inherently secure. It makes it nearly impossible for pirates to tamper with the watermark on the client device, yet it is easy to renew security from the headend if a breach occurs. Content is watermarked as part of the operator's content preparation workflow before being released from the operator's secure premises to the CDN. TraceMark™ for OTT inserts a robust, high-fidelity watermark that is invisible to viewers and compliant with Hollywood studio requirements. This ensures viewers enjoy the best picture quality possible while enabling the best protection of premium content. The solution is capable of consistently identifying the offender's session even when content is redistributed in different formats and/or manipulated using video compression, cropping, luminance filtering, blurring or scaling techniques. Ease of deployment and scaling TraceMark for OTT embeds forensic watermarking at the headend. This means consumers can receive and view watermarked content on any device, without requiring any changes to their client-side hardware or software. TraceMark for OTT is also DRM agnostic. The operator can encrypt watermarked content on its headend using any of the common DRM technologies available today, while the DRM client in the consumer device is completely unaffected by the watermarking. The solution is pre-integrated with many popular encoders and CDNs, as well as Irdeto Control for multi-DRM and policy management. This level of end-to-end integration makes it quick and easy to deploy forensic watermarking to your ever-increasing consumer base and wide range of devices. Effective defense against content redistribution piracy Having state-of-the-art watermarking technology on its own provides minimal benefit. The winning formula involves combining robust and scalable forensic marking technologies with proactive enforcement and investigative services. With TraceMark, service providers can easily and quickly identify the source of the leak using session- based watermarking. Irdeto Piracy Control services then enable service providers to find leaked content on the internet and identify the source of the leak using TraceMark. By providing actionable insights Irdeto helps service providers shut down rights-infringing services and prosecute parties involved in the piracy. Figure 1. Irdeto's online portal providing an overview of content piracy detection using TraceMark for OTT and anti-piracy services

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