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Datasheet Last modification: 22-01-2019 / 05:05 pm GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. IRDETO TRACEMARK™ FOR BROADCAST Forensic watermarking to protect live broadcast content Broadcast operators today are competing not only with other operators, but with a myriad of OTT service providers and pirates as well. One key advantage operators have is the ability to efficiently deliver live 4K Ultra HD (UHD) content, such as sports, to millions of viewers by leveraging broadcast networks. However, having effective security to protect this premium content has become more complex. Instead of hacking conditional access systems (CAS), many commercial pirate services are simply subscribing to an operator's service and illegally redistributing the content over the internet. If you want to acquire and protect 4K UHD content, being able to defend against internet redistribution piracy is increasingly becoming a requirement imposed by sports rights holders and studios. For example, MovieLabs has defined a set of security requirements which all operators must meet to be eligible for premium content (e.g. early release movies). These requirements include forensic watermarking and breach/piracy response to help operators stay one step ahead of the pirates. Irdeto TraceMark for Broadcast is a forensic watermarking solution where the client device embeds a unique and virtually invisible mark to identify the source of any content leak. It leverages technology that enables detection in seconds, allowing you to find and shut down pirate streams while the game is on. When used in conjunction with Irdeto Piracy Control services, it provides you with expert support and forensic evidence to track down and prosecute pirates. TraceMark for Broadcast is pre-integrated with Irdeto Cloaked CA to enable easy configuration of the watermark characteristics and manage when the watermark is inserted. Only with this level of security and ease of management can premium content be conveniently and widely offered to consumers on managed devices. KEY BENEFITS Rapid detection to protect 4K UHD live sports A light-weight watermark is overlaid on the content by the client device to enable source identification. The watermarking solution embeds the unique identity of the client device in each watermarked video frame, making it quick and easy to trace the leak back to the source. This capability is essential to protect the value of live content, because the value of the content is high before and during the event, but is lost once the game is over. The watermark can also be embedded in recorded, time-shifted and on-demand content. Fast time to market on managed devices Integrating TraceMark for Broadcast is easy and fast. The client-based approach to watermarking means that there is no impact on the broadcast transmission chain, eliminating the need for extra bandwidth, simulcrypting, or decoding/re-encoding content. The solution includes a watermarking agent that is integrated into the operator's set-top boxes, and/or managed OTT devices known in the operator's SMS. It can even be retrofitted to support already deployed Irdeto set-top boxes via software updates.

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