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Datasheet: Irdeto TraceMark™ for Broadcast

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Page 1 of 1 2 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. Full control of the user experience Operators have full control over the time, duration and strength of the watermark. The robustness and visibility of the watermark can be tuned to deliver the security and user experience desired. When a new watermarking scheme becomes available, it can be rolled out as a software update to deployed devices. Effective defense against content redistribution piracy Having state-of-the-art watermarking technology on its own provides minimal benefit. The winning formula requires combining robust and scalable forensic Figure 1: TraceMark for Broadcast embedding watermarks on managed devices HOW IT WORKS This solution provides watermarking for broadcast content on the client side. TraceMark for Broadcast is typically deployed with the Irdeto Conditional Access System, where Irdeto provides the integrated solution for the operator to control how and when the watermark is embedded. This integrated approach gives the operator the flexibility to address different watermarking and piracy use cases. For example, if stopping online-restreaming piracy is critical, you may choose to embed a more visible watermark with greater robustness for a short duration. If the main objective for watermarking is to meet content owners' requirements, you may apply a nearly imperceptible mark for the duration of an event to ensure the best picture quality. The reporting information is easily accessible via the online interactive portal. The intuitive portal provides a comprehensive view of the anti-piracy data, allowing you to drill down to details such as detection rates, enforcement activities and compliance metrics. Being able to analyze, predict and improve end-to-end performance, you can make better and faster business decisions to address piracy. Internet Detection portal Operator controlled Client-side embedded Illegal streaming watermarking technologies with proactive enforcement and investigative services. With Irdeto TraceMark™ for Broadcast, operators can easily and quickly identify the source of the leak using session-based watermarking. Irdeto Piracy Control services enable operators to find leaked content on the internet and identify the source of the leak using TraceMark. The anti-piracy data can be viewed in Irdeto's online interactive portal, including detection rates, enforcement activities and compliance metrics. By providing actionable insights, Irdeto helps operators shut down rights-infringing services and prosecute parties involved in the piracy.

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