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A POLICY-BASED VEHICLE ACCESS AND SAFETY SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE SUZANNE Role: Delivery driver Like many people who shop online, Amanda does not like delivery drivers to leave parcels at the back of the house or deliver at nighttime hours. With Keystone, Amanda can ask for trunk delivery whenever she purchases something online. The merchant's order fulfillment system integrates with the Keystone backend to allow secure temporary access to the trunk of her car at the time of delivery. Suzanne has only to drop the parcel in the trunk. That's great service! MICHAEL Role: Mobile car washer Michael owns a mobile car wash. In the past, Amanda had to be present to unlock the car in order for Michael to vacuum the interior of the car. With Keystone, Amanda can unlock the car from wherever she is with a tap on her phone when Michael signals his arrival. EMMA Role: VIP customer of a rental car company Emma is a regular customer of the rental car company who uses Keystone to give Emma a higher level of service. She books her rental online. When she approaches the rental car area the Keystone app indicates the car location. As she approaches the car, her phone communicates with the car to unlock the doors and start the engine. Emma's preferred car settings, such as mirror/seat settings, most frequent destinations in the GPS and her most recent Spotify list, are applied at the same time. © 2018 All Rights Reserved. -

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