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Datasheet: Cloakware® Software Protection for Mobile Apps

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Last modification: 5-11-2019 / 11:23 am GMT+01:00 1 © 2019 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. Datasheet CLOAKWARE® SOFTWARE PROTECTION FOR MOBILE APPS Renewable software security with platform specific anti-hacking protection technologies A mobile device, like an iOS or Android phone or tablet, is a hostile environment where potential hackers have the luxury of unfettered access and plenty of time to devise an effective exploit. More and more, businesses find it necessary to deploy mission critical applications to the field on unmanaged devices, putting their Intellectual Property (IP), ecosystem, and important data at risk. Your applications are at risk Your mobile applications can be reverse engineered, repackaged and redistributed, and with functionality being changed by tampering, malware injection, your IP stolen, or your applications can simply be copied and/or cloned. Simple obfuscation has been proven to be inadequate – it can be incomplete, poorly applied, easily reversed and it doesn't address the problems of copying / cloning. A successful security strategy for mobile apps requires a multi- layered approach – data security at both rest and in transit, network / API security, as well as robust software protection. Mobile applications will benefit from enhanced security by using Cloakware® Software Protection (CSP) to conceal proprietary algorithms and secrets, including cryptographic keys, private and personal data, as well as credentials. Once protected, your apps can safely be deployed in hostile environments and on untrusted, unmanaged devices. Software protection Cloakware® Software Protection is a suite of advanced technologies, libraries and tools that enable the users to customize the protection of their critical digital assets such as keys, code and data. The product is particularly useful for security savvy organizations that want the very best in renewable software security. Irdeto's security techniques provide application protection through sophisticated data, function and control flow transformations, anti-debug, whitebox cryptography, and active integrity verification, all of which are working together to provide security-in-depth. CSP integrates these security techniques into the customer's software build process, thereby applying the protections to source and data transparently to the developer and entangling the protections inseparably with the software. KEY BENEFITS Effective security • Defends against reverse engineering, theft of secrets, and tampering attacks • Automatically creates software diversity to protect against persistent and scripted attacks • Enables you to easily tune performance for optimum security within device constraints • Makes security inseparable from the software (entanglement) • Independently audited by customers, academics and ethical hacking service providers • Proven in use to provide effective protection for multi- billion-dollar mobile app-based ecosystems Ease of use • Integrates directly into standard mobile platform IDEs and builds processes; automated protections enable rapid deployment of security • Easily update your keys, software and security measures in field deployment (renewability) • Does not affect application functionality and is transparent to application developers and legitimate users Broad platform support • CSP releases are synchronized with major platform updates to iOS and Android • Platform specific features for anti-debug, jailbreak/root detection, device fingerprinting, anti-hooking, etc. • Runtime Integrity Verification (IV) supports dynamic application binaries like iOS bitcode • CSP is designed to quickly evolve as emerging programming languages become popular • Supported languages & platforms include: • C, C++, Swift, Web Assembly, JavaScript • iOS & Android • Linux, MAC OS X, Windows and others • Custom platform support on request

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