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Solution Brief: Hacks Good or Bad, This Dog Still Bites

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Well publicised ethical hacks have huge implications for Fleet Transport. How different the outcomes would have been, had Irdeto Secure Environment been deployed. Not all software hacks are bad. This is true of the automotive industry too. Recently, Keen Security Labs performed an "Experimental Security Assessment of BMW Cars" and this ethical hack discovered several vulnerabilities of varying severity. How different their assessment could have been if Secure Environment had been deployed. Another example was the well-publicised Jeep hack in 2015 – well intentioned with the victim having been told beforehand yet, still startled at the sheer scope of the attack on a public road. Then there was the Volkswagen hack in 2018, from which a detailed research paper was published with recommendations for manufacturers, consumers and ethical hackers. Of course, not all hacks are as well-intentioned. A financially motivated hacking team can wreak havoc with a corporate brand, revenue and ultimately cost human life. This has huge implications for fleet operators as well, since fleet telematics systems and in-cab computers are equally prone to such hacks. Taking down a delivery fleet for several days can result in massive loss of revenue. Taking out the brakes on a fully laden delivery vehicle, much worse… Ethical or nefarious, connected vehicle hacks share a number of things in common in terms of the general methods used. They also have something else in common: the guard dog behind the door - Secure Environment – Irdeto's industry- leading answer to the growing threat to automotive cybersecurity, would have bitten back and prevented them. It sits within the automotive systems knowing that a perimeter will eventually be breached. It protects the valuable digital assets – ECUs, IVI systems etc. from HACKS GOOD OR BAD, THIS DOG STILL BITES Solution Brief ©2018 cloakware by irdeto -

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