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Datasheet: Irdeto Set-Top Box Security Evaluation Service

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Datasheet Last modification: 11-07-2018 / 09:54 AM GMT+01:00 1 © 2018 Irdeto. All Rights Reserved. IRDETO SET-TOP BOX SECURITY EVALUATION SERVICE Helping operators meet stringent requirements for 4K Ultra HD content Operators invest heavily in premium content such as 4K Ultra HD (UHD) blockbusters to attract consumers. And so do studios. To protect their content investment, many Hollywood studios have raised the security requirements for premium content and have helped define the MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) specifications. In order to acquire the rights to the most sought- after 4K UHD content, operators must meet the ECP requirements. However, understanding what constitutes "meeting the requirements" and how to address any gaps in the current security practices to gain studios' approval is no simple matter. The need for tailored, end-to-end set-top box (STB) evaluation One main challenge is that ECP mandates many new security requirements on STBs that operators have never have had to deal with, and these requirements are generally outside the scope of secure chipset evaluation. For example, the ECP has requirements regarding how 4K UHD content must be secured by Secure Media Pipeline (SMP) and DRM technologies. These are crucial for defending against piracy. How hardware and software interfaces on the STB are secured is another important factor in preventing compromises to the 4K UHD service and content. Operators must demonstrate sound security practices from end-to-end to meet ECP requirements. Trusted expertise to provide evidence of security robustness Another challenge is that although MovieLabs defined the ECP specifications, it does not certify any solution for ECP compliance. This means operators must negotiate content rights directly with each content owner/studio, even if the studio is a member of MovieLabs. To ensure they can acquire premium content faster and easier, operators are relying more and more on security partners to help them navigate these complex 4K UHD requirements. Trusted security expertise can help operators validate and improve their STB security, and enable operators to establish the robustness of their solution to content owners. Irdeto's STB Security Evaluation Service delivers operators a comprehensive assessment of their integrated 4K UHD STB in the context of the MovieLabs ECP requirements. The Service outlines how well the STB measures up and recommends any improvements that can be made to maximize the operators' chance of securing premium content. The Security Evaluation Service leverages expertise from both Irdeto and Riscure, a well-known security evaluation house. This can be performed on all set-top boxes with Irdeto- certified secure chipsets. BENEFITS • Trusted security expertise to help with complex 4K UHD requirements • Evidence of robust 4K UHD security to enable content acquisition • Actionable recommendations to improve STB and content protection

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