Press release: Frost & Sullivan applauds Irdeto's digital security platform, Cloakware for Automotive

February 16, 2017

Irdeto’s white-box cryptography protection methods have evolved in response to up-to-the-minute attacks

Mountain View, CALIFORNIA - 07 June 2016 - Based on its recent analysis of the market for anti-hacking technology for connected cars, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Irdeto, a world leader in digital platform security, with the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Irdeto has leveraged four decades of experience in dealing with professional hackers to develop a highly reliable digital security platform for connected car security. Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive is a multi-layered, multi-faceted product that resolves issues relating to obfuscation, integrity verification, anti-debug, white-box cryptography, diversification and renewability. It offers a full suite of patented technologies and cybercrime services that not only protects the vehicle environment, but also protects itself from being reverse engineered and modified by hackers.

As Irdeto understands the behaviors of non-ethical hackers, it does not rely on a perimeter security model, and instead, employs an in-depth security strategy for connected cars. Its security solution is paired with both telemetry and dynamic policy management features to aid the investigation of incidents in connected cars. Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive then provides measured responses to these incidents based on analyses of the details communicated through telemetry.

In addition to robust crypto products, such as public key infrastructure (PKI firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention system (IDS/IPS connected cars require another layer of security. Irdeto believes in deep-level software security and security lifecycle management, which turns an OS into a secure operating environment through the use of anti-hacking technology.

“Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive is built on the company's core software security technologies, such as white box cryptography and obfuscation, which also protects the application data on the system during storage and while in use,” said Frost & Sullivan Senior Consultant, Sriram Venkatraman. “Conventional cryptographic algorithms used to protect software keys and data are ineffective when operating in white-box environments where a hacker has full visibility and control over the executing code. The Cloakware for Automotive solution has the unique capability of not revealing keys or data while the cryptographic computations are being observed in complete detail.”

Irdeto’s solution is designed for simple integration into current products in a vehicle to automatically protect all applications installed in the connected car environment. Its other key advantages include uninterrupted intrusion detection, security telemetric data, and continuous verification of OS and application through integrity checks. These features help the solution notify the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the type of tampering that is being attempted in a specific vehicle, making it a unique and highly useful tool.

“Hackers are constantly evolving their attack methods to exploit vulnerabilities that exist in automobiles,” said Daniel Thunberg, Global Head, Connected Transport at Irdeto. “As a result, it is critical to employ a solution that gains insights into attack attempts to quickly take measured actions to mitigate a threat. By understanding how hackers attack and by employing mitigations against those methods, Irdeto provides a state-of-the-art security product that ensures cars operate as intended.”

Irdeto’s global network of partners covers law enforcement and industry bodies and agencies, as well as consumer and technology sectors, including its recently announced partnership with Movimento to provide in-vehicle and over the air (OTA) security for car makers and car drivers alike. Its technology’s success in the media industry has opened doors in the automotive industry, and Irdeto is looking to make the most of this opportunity by incorporating best-of-breed products in vehicles.

Acknowledging the potential of connected cars, Irdeto has solid plans to build an ecosystem of unparalleled solutions that will help create a compelling software-defined car. This approach includes plans to use Irdeto Cloakware for Automotive to protect autonomous cars. Irdeto provides flexible business model options for various tiers of customers, wherein OEMs can pay for a complete solution up front, development of a solution and then a recurring fee over the lifecycle of the solution, or just a recurring fee.

“As automotive OEMs and Tier I suppliers focus on mobility, Internet of Things, and connected devices, Irdeto expects its proven media and digital industry expertise to create positive brand image. It optimizes the level of protection delivered based on the unique scalability and resource requirements and constraints of the automobile system or subsystem,” noted Sriram Venkatraman. “Overall, Irdeto’s technological insight has enhanced customer satisfaction and earned it a loyal customer base and an enviable position in the market.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased ROI it offers customers, which, in turn, improves customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

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About Irdeto

At Irdeto, we believe that businesses must have the freedom to innovate and the confidence to take risks to be in control of their future. To help our customers take control, we secure their infrastructure and content and give them the flexibility for the future with a service-oriented approach. Irdeto’s powerful solutions and services enable content owners and providers to securely deliver media across all screens and devices in and out of the home, as well as allowing platform operators to offer innovative services beyond media. With over 40 years of expertise in security, we have the market insights from piracy and consumer data, knowhow and proven track record to be the trusted partner of choice. Irdeto’s unique heritage as a subsidiary of multinational media group Naspers (JSE: NPN) means that we are a well-established and reliable partner.  Please visit Irdeto at

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